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Keep in mind, these are just a few antique watch and pocket watch 
offerings from Fine Timed Collectables.
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Rare One Of A Kind Elgin,
#115960, grade 61, 18K case,
key wind or stem, lever or key, 1870
Movement signed F.R. Polack, York, PA  perfect
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Cartier purse or tank watch, sterling with ivory overlay,
3 small chips, very rare, runs great.
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Geneve two-train gold Hunter, tests 18K
Signed Seconde Independante Schap-A Ancre Balancive Compensatiur
Spiral Breguet, Vingt Rubis Perfect
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Elgin Pocket Travel Case
with Elgin sterling movement
#19383425  perfect
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Human hair watch fob, hand braided very fine with lockets
$450 each
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12 hour and 24 hour dial with second bits, gun metal case.
French, signed Depose Acier Garant.
Very unusual - runs great, case and dial, fair.

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Illinois Bunn Special, 60 hr. 21-jewel, motor barrel, adj. temp. and 6 positions, $4906413.  First Bunn Special case marked Super Watch with Montgomery dial.

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Illinois, marked "Extra" #1606645,
18 size, two-tone adjusted 18 jewel, 
Very rare, Fiske Brother, Minneapolis, Excellent Condition

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